The Prayer

I am constantly praying that God would work out some crazy miracle that would turn our life circumstances upside-down. That would bring Him the most glory, right? That’s at least what I keep trying to convince Him of… But then I had this realization that I actually think God is after a different kind of glory. We’ve been learning about relying on God for our daily bread for over a year now. And it took me a year to realize that God has, all along, been providing the miracle that we’ve been praying for.

The Israelites

If you go back to the story of the Israelites wandering the desert, God provided daily bread from the sky in an answer to the Israelites prayer of desperate hunger. He didn’t give them enough manna to provide for the next 40 years. He didn’t pick up the Israelites in the flash of an eye and fly them away on winged pigs to a land flowing with milk and honey. He didn’t turn off their hunger receptors and magically make them no longer need food yet always be satisfied. Even as I write this I think to myself, now that would have been a miracle. In fact, I realize it is that kind of miracle that I have been praying for. However I don’t think that kind of miracle is consistent with the character of my God.

The Miracle

The miracle for the Israelites wandering the desert is the same miracle that He has been providing for us the past year. The miracle of daily bread. Let me say this another way – God’s miraculous provision came in the form of just enough to sustain for today. Do not worry about tomorrow, He says (Matthew 6:34). And He says that because He alone knows that tomorrow there is another batch of food from the sky that He has prepared just for us that we can go out and collect. The fact that He has sustained us day-to-day is the very miracle that I’ve been praying for. And I’m so thankful.

Doesn’t that make the most sense? A God who would send His Son in a form that was despised, rejected, and had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him (Isaiah 53) wouldn’t be about the big display of power where the world would stop and go – now THAT’S a god.  No, more often than not, our God is a much quieter, tender, whispering kind of God who is glorified most when His Son quietly dies on the cross.

And His miraculous provision of our daily bread is great and mighty!

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  • SusanS . May 25, 2017 . Reply

    You’re learning to float. (remember first learning at Tanoan?) Gonna make your spirit dancing in the world all the more beautiful. xo

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