Clue #2!

56 and Epcot!

You found it! You got the right page! Way to go! Well that was tough enough that we already slimmed down the group and you are that much closer to the prize.

Clue #2:

When you arrive for the wedding on that glorious day, just a few days away,
look around the tree that is the same as you will see, as the one that Abraham planted in this Bible story.
There you will see, near the tree, something tangible for clue #3.
But be swift for limited they are, only 20 clue #3’s they wont go far.
To help guide your trajectory, a picture of that remarkable tree.
Find me!

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  • Jay . September 28, 2012 . Reply

    BOOOO!!!!!!! GIVE ME CLUE #2 NOW!!!!!

  • Susan . September 28, 2012 . Reply

    HISSSSSSSSS!!!! Give ME clue #2 before you give it to Jay!

  • Susan . September 28, 2012 . Reply

    and btw, the answer is 61epcot
    you only use the word “love” one time
    the rest is “loves”
    morphology, my dear!

  • Grace . September 29, 2012 . Reply

    Sooo… here’s my confession. I really tried to find the answer legitimately by trying to solve the first clue/puzzle, but when I got the wrong answer, I received a 404 error (page not found) and the list of all site pages appeared and I saw “clue #2!”. So technically I sort of cheated finding this page… and I just wanted to fess up 🙂

  • Mom . October 2, 2012 . Reply

    Yippee. Clue #2 come soon!!
    And I agree I only found 1 love but then added the loves to get the answer.
    It worked that is what counts!!

  • Rachel . October 2, 2012 . Reply

    You should put a “visitors” counter on this page. I’d like to know what my competition is like!

  • jessica . October 11, 2012 . Reply

    I agree with Rachel! Counter, PLEASE!

  • (Author) jjmancini . October 16, 2012 . Reply

    Here is the counter that you asked for. 34!

  • Katy . October 16, 2012 . Reply

    You mean I have to wait until Saturday for clue #3??? Oh the suspense…

  • Susan . October 16, 2012 . Reply

    Love that tree, and I know just where it is…

  • Rachel . October 16, 2012 . Reply

    Doh! This means I’ll have to arrive on time, or at least ahead of the other 33 of you!

  • Mom . October 16, 2012 . Reply

    I am going to have my running shoes on.

  • Jules . October 17, 2012 . Reply

    Yes, only one “love”…and XX tripped me up forever, causing me to use 60 instead of 1860. Argh! See y’all and that tree in a few!

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