How We Met: Christina’s Perspective

September 8, 2012.J.J. Mancini.0 Likes.1 Comment

Four years ago Dan and I were at a Christmas party held by some friends of ours that we knew in Moscow.  At this party there was a very personable, good looking young man with a very big laugh, very friendly and acted like he was having lots of fun.  (if you know J.J. today he does like to have fun!!)  I asked one of the few people I knew at the party, Amy, if she knew who is was.  Lo and behold she said that he was her brother in law.  She told me all about him.  One of the questions I asked was if he was dating anyone.  When she said no I said that if my daughter Sara was in Albuquerque I would have them together in a heart beat.  Told Sara about this young man named J.J. and after a few months she asked me about him again.  I called Amy to get his number.  We agreed that I would give Sara his number and she would give J.J. her number and let God do the rest.  Well, Sara took it upon herself to give him a call.  And am glad she did.  Dan and I are very fortunate to add another “son” to our family.  You are wonderful together and look forward to seeing what God has planned for you!!  Love you both.

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