“Let’s Get Down to Business…

March 31, 2015.Sara Mancini.1 Like.0 Comments

…to defeat the Huns!” For all of the Mulan & Donny Osmond fans out there, you’re welcome. May you hum that song for the remainder of the week. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, shame on you. Go educate yourself.

We have now been in South Africa for over a month! Can’t believe we are already 1/12th of the way through our time here. We finally moved into our new home and bought the necessary items to function so we can now focus on getting work done! Which is great news!

What we have been doing:

  • Every morning we get to read the Bible and watch the clouds form and move around the mountain. Amazing.
  • Sara is helping with some of the day-to-day functions of a newly established church: setup & tear down each week, organizing volunteers, buying supplies etc.
  • J.J. is playing in the worship band each week & has been focusing on some design work for the Church.
  • We are busy planning for Good Friday, Passover and Easter Sunday this weekend. This is a pretty important weekend in South Africa. It is probably the second most important holiday after Christmas. College students get the whole week off and most businesses make it a 4 day weekend. (We’ll have another post after Easter.)
  • We’ve both started an 8-week course on Human Trafficking. The goal is to have a city-wide event in June/July to help educate people and work towards creating an effective ministry that not only frees people caught in human trafficking but also helps them begin life anew.
  • Most importantly we are learning how to really love people, to be sensitive to their needs and to be flexible to the Spirit’s leading.
  • We honored our first Sabbath (day of rest) on Monday. We drove down to the Cape of Good Hope, visited an Ostrich farm (who knew ostrich’s were so amazing!?) and had a great dinner with friends.

What God has been doing:

  • We are reading “Passion and Purpose” and have been humbled by the power of God that people experience. So amazing to see the ways that God works in people’s lives!!
  • We’ve had some incredible times of worship (giving of our selves, time, attention, focus, thoughts, etc. to God) and we are so excited to fall more in love with Him & his people!
  • We love our young adult lifegroup! This is where we are the church: we get together every week and just do life together.  There are some awesome people who we have made fast friendships with in just a few weeks.
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