The Culture – Living in Africa:

  • Rent: The cost of rent here is very high. Higher than what you would pay on average in the United States. Think of it as expensive as San Fransisco.
  • Food: The price of food still baffles us every time we go out to eat. If you get away from the touristy areas, you can get a massive meal for under $3. Almost to the point where it is less expensive to eat out than to cook at home (since labor costs are so low, but that is a subject for another day).
  • Melting Pot: South Africa is not just South Africans. In our lifegroup last night, these were the countries that were represented. (Yeah it was a big group)
    • United States: 6
    • South Africa: 6
    • Canada: 1
    • Tanzania: 3
    • Congo: 3
    • Burundi: 3
    • Malaysia: 2
  • Language: For the most part, everyone speaks english, but most of them as a second (or third) language. Other languages that we hear daily are: Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Swahili, and the south african english accent where at times I swear its a different language.

Needless to say we have loved being here so far! It’s a big change and we are excited. Much more to come!

A few of our favorite things:

  • Kirstenbosch: One of the magnificent 7 botanical gardens of the world. This place is unbelievable! We will use any and every excuse to be able to take an morning or afternoon in this place. It’s the closest thing to the garden of eden that we’ve found.
  • The Larder, a restaurant across the street, has a breakfast called “The Johnny Depp” because, as you might guess, it is his favorite breakfast. The owner of the restaurant used to be his personal chef. I KID YOU NOT and said that he would ask for poached eggs with fresh hollandaise sauce every morning. It’s pretty amazing. Plus Jack Sparrow used to eat it, so I’m in.
  • Also across the street is a Chinese grocery store. We have fallen in love with their JiaoZi and BaoZi all over again. We even bought a bamboo steamer!
  • Downtown we found the Eastern Food Bazar which has delicious Indian food & Schwarma (and pizza, oddly enough). For a huge plate of food you spend about $2.90. Insane!
  • We aren’t just obsessed with food, I promise! We’ve also found quite a few markets here that have some gorgeously unique fresh flowers & fun live music… and yes, you caught me, delicious food 😉
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