I feel as though when God answers our prayers, he answers them with a speed that is almost hard to keep up with. How blessed we are! Not only was an offer made on our house 5 days after putting it on the market, but we had it sold and were moved into our new home only two months later. Wow. Seriously! It’s so good to sit here for a minute and take the time to soak in that reality.

We have learned a lot these past few weeks. Selling our house was hard. It was sad, but also nerve-wracking, especially for me; since I am such a planner and worry-wort that every detail was thought through, multiple times, days before it happened. Over a weekend we sold 75% of what we owned, moved a small amount of family heirlooms to a storage unit and then moved the rest to our new home behind old town. We downsized from a 3,500 square foot home to a 1,100 square foot home. To fit, we stripped down our worldly possessions to the bare minimum which, frankly, is still a lot of stuff.

But it’s so worth it! Look how cute our new home is! It is what we are affectionately calling a “triplex.” There is a parking area in front of our home just off the street. You then walk through a pretty blue gate. To your right is our neighbor who loves cats and works from home. Followed by the best couple in the world (that’s us!). Followed by our very friendly neighbors who have a barking dog (so we don’t miss buddy at our old house) and parrots, which we have yet to hear. There is a giant lavender bush in front of our entrance that attracts happy bees and beautiful smells. We even planted some mint (shhh don’t tell) for J.J.’s mint iced tea addiction. We don’t have a garage so our second bedroom is our storage room. It is also an extension of our kitchen as some of our bigger pots and appliances are in there too. We keep our bikes in our living room for easy access. And when I do laundry I get to spread out into the kitchen because the kitchen is essentially the laundry room. And the breakfast nook. And my office desk. 🙂

So, for the next 7 months we get to have a second honeymoon less than a year into our marriage. I could get used to this! We get to go biking to the zoo and Isotopes park. We get to walk to dinner. We have breakfast options down the road for a morning Bible study. We have gone to the Lavender Festival, Farmer’s Market and music festivals. And we get to sit in a small 12×15 living room area and just stare at each other for hours on end. Ahhhhhh this is the life! In fact, I think secretly every Monday morning we wake up a little bit sad that the weekend is already over. And for a couple that complains about there never being anything to do in Albuquerque, how wrong we have been proven! There is more to do here than we can keep up with, not to mention our work and family responsibilities. Oh yes, and figuring out where we will go in January for our mission trip.

More on that later 🙂

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