Ready for a New Year’s Announcement?

January 6, 2015.Sara Mancini.0 Likes.1 Comment

On February 16, 2015, we will be on a plane heading to…. drum roll please…

Cape Town, South Africa!!


This is definitely a bitter-sweet transition as we leave family, friends, jobs & our happy lil’ home that we love but we are so excited to see what God has for us in 2015.

We step out in faith, not knowing what is in store, but knowing that His hand is over it all: the good, the beautiful the hard & the ugly. We are honored for this opportunity to learn to love more deeply and be humbled & broken for His glory.

We will team up with a group from Antioch Church that is already down there doing some awesome work. We are really looking forward to the blessings and growth that come with being a part of a close-nit community and can’t wait to dive right in to whatever work we can help with.

Already this has been such an incredible journey. We have learned so much from each opportunity we pursued and are thankful for each and every one of you (you know who you are) who spoke God’s love, truth & encouragement into our lives. There are some amazing people serving God and loving their neighbors all across the world & we look forward to joining that global family & better understanding the challenges they are up against.

We will do our best to keep our website updated but, until then, there is a lot to be done in the next month and a half. 🙂

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  • Katy . January 6, 2015 . Reply

    Yay!!! So thrilled for you and excited for the team that I know will be blessed by you joining them. Prayers for the next month of preparations!

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