Our house has been on the market for only 8 days. After two open houses and three calls from a realtor we got an offer on Thursday! The offer was a little bit lower than we had anticipated so we decided to counter and are now waiting on their response. If all goes as hoped we could be looking for a new, smaller, more humble place to live by the end of June! Bitter-sweet to be sure. While we are excited about the freedom that will come with this new stage, we are walking away from the place J.J. has called home for 6.5 years, the kitchen where thousands of Christmas cookies were made, the yard where our special Denver-grass was planted with lots of stinky manuer, the living room that has welcomed friends and family… basically the home where we fell in love. Oh, memories 🙂

[post_intro]We are now learning as a couple to ask ourselves if our desire to be good stewards is hindering us from serving God.[/post_intro] We had to go through a lot of stretching and learning to put our house on the market knowing that we were going to be selling it for much less than we believe it is worth, and a whole lot less than its initial market value 6 years ago. Thankfully, it’s in the uncomfortable times that growth happens and leasons are learned so it has been amazing to watch us grow as a couple and as individuals through this process.

I have always been one to believe that we are called to be responsible with what we have been given. While I don’t think that is wrong (complete disregard and disrepect for what we’ve been given is not the right response either), I do think that I have subconsciously used that as a way to mask my worship of money and financial security. It’s amazing how fine that line really is! We are now learning as a couple to ask ourselves if our desire to be good stewards is hindering us from serving God. If so, then perhaps we are worshiping the security that comes with being “financially responsible” and we really need to let go and remember that God gives and God takes away.

Even if this offer doesn’t pan out, it was such a beautiful confirmation that we are doing the right thing and obeying his commands. And the freedom in learning to no longer hold onto material possessions has been priceless.

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