Did you think that we were actually going to link to clue #2? No way!

You will have to find clue #2 on your own.

But to help, here was Clue #1:

Would You Like to Take Home A Prize at the Wedding? Play Our Scavenger Hunt (Details Below):

Hidden in this email is a clue that will lead to another clue and another clue and another etc. That string of clues will end with a prize, but only a certain number of prizes will be given. So it will behoove you to be one of the first 15 peeps. Only 1 prize per family, yet families can work together. Since few kids are coming to the wedding, this will be an adult level of difficulty. So here is your clue if you choose to follow it down the rabbit trail.

Clue #1:
A Little Math…
XX = ((The Year Abraham Lincoln was Elected President, defeating Steven Douglas) / (J.J.’s age)) – (The number of times it says “love” in our proposal story.)
YYYYY = The name of the park inside Disney World where this picture was taken (5 letters).

Smush together the two answers with no spaces and put it after the the / in our website URL. So go
That will take you to Clue #2.

Hint: J.J.’s birth year is 1982

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